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Friday, February 11, 2011

Fairy Friday and Cherry Blossoms

We have been so fortunate, weather-wise, in the past couple of weeks here in the Bay Area. The temperatures have been in the high sixties and seventies and in some places even the low 80's. The sun is out but, there is a nip in the air. We will be having rain next week though. Sigh. I am ready for warmer weather. I know when spring is coming because the cherry blossoms start to bloom. A few days ago you could only see tiny little pink tips. Now, most of the trees are in full bloom and washes of pinky-white blossoms dot neigborhoods and parks. I like what I call a "Spring Snow". That's when a spring breeze will make the petals swirl in the air and a gentle "snow" of pink falls around you. It's truly magic and very fairy like when this happens.

A riot of cherry blossoms

Photo by kristininsf
Maybe if I can capture a photo of a Spring Snow I can catch a glimpse of this little fairy fluttering about amongst the petals. You know faires though, they are shy and secretive and have to be in the right mood to let you see them...maybe I'll get lucky, I can only hope.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wild Cherry Blossom Fairy
by Cicely Mary Barker


  1. Ohhhhh ... those Cherry Blossoms are GORGEOUS! I won't be seeing those for severals months yet! Lucky you and Happy Friday!

  2. Cherry blossoms are just so lovely! We are just now starting to see little peaks of ground again...and the weather will be near 50 in the coming week. I think spring is finally on its way! Theresa

  3. I my goodness! you already have blossoms? and 80* temperatures? Oh, it sounds so wonderful! cant wait for spring!~

  4. OH I think I may need to come visit just to see the cherry blooms!!! Lovely post! I have not forgotten about you or your vase either...I just have not had time to look at your Etsy shop!...Plan to do that tonight my friend!!

  5. I love Cherry Blossoms. One of my favorite things about living in DC was when they would bloom. I miss that.