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Friday, March 4, 2011

Fairy Friday

The art work of Margaret W. Tarrant

The Fairy Way by Margaret W. Tarrant
 In searching for some fairy art to post today I came across an artist I've not heard of before -  Margaret W. Tarrant. I think the image above is beautiful. If you click the image it will enlarge and you can more details. I tried to find a website for her or at least something on Wikipedia but, was able to find very little. Has anyone else heard of her? She was a freelance artist and had done some illustrations for a few books. I'm just surprised she's not more poplular. I've added a link to a site that tells a little bit about her and if you google her images you can see how gorgeous her artwork is. I'll definitly be post more of her images.

I hope you enjoy this little image of the fairies frolicking. It seemed so springtime. Have a lovely weekend everyone.



  1. Actually, my mother had a fairy tale book with her art. I don't know much about her either, I just love her style though. I found these links for you. :)




  2. So delightful! I shall keep an eye out for more of her work.
    Thank you for sharing! :0)

  3. Oh how lovely! I was not familiar with her work, either. Thanks for sharing it! Theresa

  4. Hi Wendy,

    thanks for the links. I'm looking forward to seeing more of her artwork and seeing if I can find some of her books!