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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Joy of.....

....my morning cuppa joe!

Please, do not make me think or talk before I drink my coffee. I drink the Starbuck's House Blend with 3 sugars and 3 vanilla Coffee Mates (yes, I like it sweet). Once the concoction is created I take it to my desk, and while I'm waiting for the computer to start up I have those first few hot sips of coffee. Ahhhhhh! I'm human now.
This is the mug I drink it out of everyday. I bought it at a renaissance faire a couple of years ago. It's nice and big and keeps the coffee hot.

What do you need to get you going in the morning?


  1. I need a cuppa joe in the morning as well! I like the Starbucks house blend too, but will give anything a whirl once. I take my coffee with a teaspoon of sugar and a dash of milk.

    I'm positively in love with your mug! I drink mine out of my reusable tumbled or out of one of my boring black stoneware mugs.

  2. The caffeine in coffee would make my more hyped up than I need so I drink a cup of herbal tea, but I do love the taste of coffee and complety understand that needed zap to get you going in the morning ; )

  3. Sounds like my kinda cup of joe, with the exception of the starbucks part. I'm just not a fan of their coffee. LOL

  4. Coffee, coffee and more coffee! And I like it sweet, too. Theresa

  5. I exist just so I can drink coffee!!! LOVE it, NEED it, adore it, crave it!!!

    I love a Guatemalen Blend from Trader Joe's in my 3 cup mug with 2 Splendas and whipping cream...that's right...half and half just isn't creamy enough...haha!

    When I follow my low carb plan...it's actually recommended! Yay!