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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Winner of the Practical Magic Giveaway is....

Dragonfly at An English Witchery! Congratulations! Can you contact me at joaneduranatgmaildotcom and let me know your address? You were the lucky person chosen at random by random number generator.

Thank  you to everyone that stopped by my blog for the giveaway. Unfortunately, I was unable to go to many of your party blogs as my computer has been very slow and it seems to be prone to getting viruses lately so I need to stay off as much as possible. I did manage to go to a few and the posts were wonderful and so much fun.

I'm so excited that the Halloween season is upon us. I'm looking forward to finding my perfect Halloween and hope that will come visit me again soon.



  1. Congratulations, Dragonfly! Enjoy your prize!!!

  2. Oh wow thank I'm so thrilled to have won the prize it's a beautiful necklace.

    J x

  3. I sure had a good time, congrats to the winner!

  4. Hi Gorgeous, Congrats to the winner of your beautiful necklace! Enchanting Creations & PICS as always. Hope all is well & life has been good to you & yours.

    It's my favorite time of year when magic is in the air. So I wanted to invite you to TODAYSGOLD ANNUAL HAUNTED HALLOWEEN PARTY & GIVEAWAY. Hope you'll fly by & say hi & maybe win Princess Diana's Wedding Ring. This is a Triple Celebration Giveaway because I've been blogging four years now & over 100,000 visitors have flown by for real!

    So put on your pointy hat & fly by my party when you can. Hauntingly Yours With XOs,
    Lyndy & All My Black Cat Familiars

    Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Haunted Halloween Party:

    P.S. This ring can be used as a Magickal Dowser...