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Friday, March 8, 2013

Spring....bringing new things

Spring, time to start anew.....

Well, I have put my etsy shop on vacation. I'll leave it like that for awhile until I decide if I want to close it for good or not. Never say never!!! I've enjoyed the shop but, it is a lot of work and I just don't have the motivation right now. I've also given up my spot on the Moonlight Journey Design Team.  I love Becky and Lynn and I will continue to use and  promote their products but, I didn't think it was fair to be part of a team and not pull my weight.

So, this brings me to what do I do with my spare time? Well, I'm finishing up knitting a sweater that I should have finished months ago cause I wanted to wear it during fall and winter! It's the first sweater I'm knitting that I'm really paying attention to fit and made a swatch and adjusted the size according to the yarn and needles and all that. So far, so good with that. I'll have pics of it soon.

So, on to my next craft. I bought this by mail today:
I'm getting back into embroidery. I haven't done it for years! I actually learned how to embroider before I learned to knit. I think my mother still has my first project. It was a bunch of flowers in a little vase. I think I did it when I was around 10....

I thought this would be a good starting project. It looks like it has simple stitches and shouldn't take me too long to do. I'm thinking of going back to an all white bedroom and this would look quite nice on an all white bed with some white sheets with a crochet edging....ah spring!


  1. My grandmother taught me to embroider when I was a child and I haven't done it in many years. It is such a beautiful art form - good for you!
    Ps. just tried the witch name generator and I was Henrietta Toadgutter lol

  2. WHat an adorable project, and I think your idea of a white bed with crocheted sheets and these cute shame would be adorable!