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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

100 Days of Halloween....Halloween Spirit Stores, Warning - Gross Factor

The past several years I've been kind of disappointed with the Spirit stores. Nothing but gore, blood, guts and expensive hoochie mama costumes (a sexy angel - really? Isn't that an oxymoron?). I remember taking my son when he was little and they had gore but, also fun stuff (plastic spider rings, etc.). I think it marked the beginning of Halloween for him when we went to the Spirit store to check out Halloween stuff.

Still, I go every year to the Spirit store even though I get disappointed because, well, it's tradition. Well, I went last Saturday and was not that disappointed! Oh yeah, Spirit still brings on the gore but, I did notice that a lot of their decorations had a really good scare and creep factor to them. Here are some of their new items. Beware, some of these are kind of gross, scary and creepy but, gross......

Creepy, huh? I'm not one to decorate with gore but, I guess that's the beauty of Halloween - there is something for everyone.....


  1. Spirit just arrived in Canada a few years ago. I check them out every year of course, but they're still just too gory for my taste. But yes, it's become a tradition.

  2. Omg, don't get me started on all these "sexy" costumes for only women! It's a sad sad world when I take my man to the costume store and he can be a doctor, a priest, Spiderman, a vampire etc - but I can only be a sexy nurse, a naughty nun, there are no female superhero costumes and my vampire costume is a ripped piece of cloth that hardly covers my ass...

  3. Now the specialty stores seem to have high priced (over priced) junk. But they are good to shop for inspiration on making our own tricks and treat decorations.