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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's here! Halloween is here! 

Many joys of the season to you all!

I feel awful that I was unable to complete my 100 Days of Halloween the way I wanted to. Work got so incredibly, crazy busy. I feel that I wasn't able to enjoy the season the way I wanted to. So many projects were undone, postings were never able to go up in the time that I wanted them to. 

I've loved the wonderful comments I've received from followers and thank you to the new folks that are now following my blog! 

I really enjoyed what I could do for the 100 days and will try again next year, that means Halloween will come all that much earlier! I'm also going to try something similar for Christmas/Winter. I'll need to let my brain stew a little for some ideas.....

Enjoy this little Halloween Fairy from Paulina Cassidy and I hope you have many more treats than tricks for Halloween!!!


  1. Happy Halloween, Joane!!

  2. I never get to be ready for events, holidays the way I want to anymore, so don't feel bad, I did enjoy the days you did post however, will look forward to your Christmas/Winter posts