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Monday, June 9, 2014

My Fairy Garden

My own little fairy garden is coming along. Here are the progression photos:

It still needs some filling in here and there but, I like the way it's looking. With the heat starting to rise to over 100 degrees, it's hard to find plants that can tolerate the temperatures. That's why I like having the glass mushrooms and the fairy statue to fill in the spaces. Do you have a fairy garden?


  1. It's so lovely!

  2. So adorable! You did a great job with this corner space!
    (blogger will not let me sign in with this blog)

  3. Absolutely charming! The sparkly mushrooms are exactly the kind which grow in such secret, secluded spaces, and the whole garden has a fairy aura.

    I'm captivated by the stand---did it have another life before it came to live there? I'm trying to make it something normally seen in two pieces, or upside down, perhaps. It's simply gorgeous, whatever its antecedents.

    So creative and welcoming---fairies must simply flock to this wonderful place---I can just see the fleet of bumble-taxis and dragonfly carriages hovering over the parties and soirees.