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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tea on Tuesday - The English Tea Room

One day I shall travel back to England and have a proper English tea in a cozy little tea room that is nestled inside a cozy little village.



  1. We have Starbucks now ;-)

    Actually, there are loads of tea shops around, but you only ever go to them when visiting somewhere. I can't imagine going to a tea shop in my home town.

  2. what gorgeous pics. As my little girl used to say when looking at a picture she loved "Please I go there."

  3. OH, Joane!

    If these delightful teas were all in one trip---what a magnificent journey, fulfilling and cozy and delightful, it must have been. That would be the trip of a lifetime for me, I think. Our one trip to England and Scotland was two weeks, with a glorious painted bus and happy travelers and the best guide I can imagine.

    Our tea, of course, was taken at prescribed stops, save for the times we escaped down the charming streets and dashed into a wonderful place of our own choosing.

    I enjoyed your photos immensely, and would gladly visit each and every one, over and over, especially the flower-covered gabled one, and the one with the dainty small table drawn beside. That's MY kind of party.

    I hope it's SPRING where you are!


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