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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Favorite Mug

I'm usually not into souvenir mugs. They always seem to end up at a Goodwill store. But, this is my favorite mug and will never go to a Gooodwill....


  1. How was Salem?? I have always wanted to go. I love the mug, very cute!

  2. Salem is everything I thought it would be as was most of Massachussetts. There are some commercial type shops and if you're not into the whole witch, Halloween thing it may not be for you. But, I love the history (Salem was once a big shipping area, most people forget that with it being so famous for the witch trials) and if you go you should definitly go on a ghost tour. That was one of my favorite things. I don't think there is anything about Salem that I don't like.