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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Ivory Pumpkin Practical Magic Blog Party Winner Is.....


Congratulations Lenora! Please contact me to let me know which necklace you like to have and where I can send it. Thank you to everyone that signed up to follow and participate in my blog. I'll be doing another giveaway for the Halloween Tea Party next month.

Also, if anyone is interested in purchasing either necklace I can re-create them. Let me know in a post and we can work out details.

Congratulations again Lenora! Thank you again everyone and hope to see you next month at the Halloween Tea Party for another giveaway!!



  1. Wow Wasn't expecting that at all - but your necklaces are wonderful! I am so lucky! What e-mail shall i send my address too? You can contact me at Lenora@Moore.nu Thanx!

    I think i shall trick or treat this year too!

  2. ooops - did i mention I love the witch charm! I can send you my address through this comment box if you like - just maybe don't post it if you don't mind! Thanks. Will wait till you let me know what is appropriate!

  3. Congrats to the winner. I know I'm late but I can't seem to catch up :) with all these great PM posts!!


  4. Congrats Lenora!!

    However...with over 200 blogs to visit, you gave a very short time for people to visit and get comments in. This is disappointing for many I believe.

  5. Congratulations to your very lucky winner! :) Theresa

  6. Just stumbled across this fabulous blog and became a follower:)....loving your black cat necklace!!!