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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Joy of Being Taken Care of.....

The big move is finished. Furniture gone, old house cleaned, my husband is now living in our new place in Nevada and I'll be joining him later next month. In the mean time I'm back living with my parents...again! I lived with them, of course when I was a kid until I got married the first time when I was 22. I moved, got divorced and moved back in with them with my son and lived with them for about 8 years until I was able to move out on my own.I wanted to move out earlier but, I was going to school part time and working part time. It just wasn't financially do-able.

So I'm back home temporarily. I wasn't initally looking forward to it, you know, living with mom and dad again, kind of gave me the idea I was taking a step backwards.

But, it's totally different this time. It's quite enjoyable. It was never bad living with my parents. They never bothered me about what I was doing with my life or my son's life and they have ALWAYS been there when I needed them. I guess this time, because it is temporary, because I'm older and wiser and because don't take for granted the things they do for me, it's very nice to spend these last few weeks with my parents before I leave.

My mom is being mom - she does my laundry, dinner is made when I get home, she makes me coffee in the morning. My dad is being Dad - taking care of my car when it needs caring for and, spoiling my dog. He makes me laugh because he is, at times, totally oblivious to what goes on in the house which frustrates my mother to no end!

I totally took advantage of these things when I was younger and living with them as a child and teenager. I think when I was living there with my son after my divorce, I appreciated everything they did for me and my son but, I was so busy with work and school and trying to make something of myself I just didn't appreciate it like I should have.
It's soooooo nice not to have to worry about cleaning the house or making dinner after working all day or doing this or that. I clean up after myself (why was this so hard when I was a teenager and, why did I give my mom grief about it?). I enjoy their company and am relishing in being taken care of for these few short weeks that I have here before I move and have to start being the caretaker once again.

Thanks Mom and Dad.....for everything.


  1. I wish I had a "home" like you did where my parents took care of me for a while. It's funny how we can appreciate what our parents DO give us when we're usually parents ourselves and how nice for you that you have a temporary haven before you move to your own haven.

  2. It sounds like a very special "temporary" time you have been blessed with to enjoy your parents under one roof again...I am envious a bit! Enjoy the moments until you are off to your new home ♥