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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What the...!?

I try to keep politics and most of real world out of my blog because I find it too damned depressing. But, HOW can Casey Anthony be totally innocent? HOW can she not even be charged with child abuse, endangerment or neglect for not reporting her daughter missing for a month? HOW? I don't get it? Someone explain to me please.....before I lose all faith in our justice system.


  1. Yeah....I'm the same as you. But I agree with you here. Being from Florida, and living within the same community as this girl, it just irks me to no end. We've been privy to SO MUCH here, that the rest of the world probably doesn't even know, that shape our opinions. Not to mention that WE the taxpayers here, have foot the cost of this nightmare court case. And although I disagree with the jury's murder verdict, I could begrudgingly accept that there was never a definitive cause of death, thereby giving them some 'reasonable doubt'! But the evidence of going 30 days without reporting your child missing, while continuing to party, lie and mislead law enforcement...well to me, that is indisputable evidence of child neglect if not abuse. And that 'not guilty' verdict absolutely infuriates me. Sadly, I lost faith in our justice system quite some time ago...but this just seals it for me. :o(

  2. The world has gone mad Joanne. :(