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Thursday, July 25, 2013

100 Days of Halloween

Yesterday marked 100 days until Halloween! So, if I can keep to a schedule, I'm going to try to post 100 things about Halloween. It might be a picture or photo, a recipe, decorating idea, craft idea, resources, etc. Please feel free to extend your ideas to your blog or I'll be happy to post your ideas on my blog and give you full credit of course!

So....what to start with.....hmmm, well nothing says Halloween more than witches and black cats and I love vintage things, so here is a little vintage postcard to start things off.....

I look forward to these posts. I've been feeling the Halloween Spirit in me longing to get out and be free. I found this image at I-Mockery. It's a great Halloween source, more to come from them next time.



  1. Great idea. I look forward to it. And I absolutely LOVE vintage Halloween imagery :)

  2. What a brilliant idea!

    Happy weekend,