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Monday, May 5, 2014

Summer of Fae: The Filigree

The Filigree is a lovely little shop on Etsy that sells wonderful fairy and fairy tale images and dolls. Here is some of their beautiful art:

the Filigree, a Mythological world of handmade Creatures and their Stories!

★Martin Øbakke, native of Denmark, met Celena Cavala, Ballerina and Nashville native in Florence, Italy. They started making Fairy Tales and haven't stopped since! In their work you'll find elements of old world Europe to Southern Gothic charm. Martin does the illustrating and sculptures while Celena sews & writes the world they live in,~ in their Nonsense News, the Filigree. 
★They're inspired by the Invisible world and Imagination and the points in between that they refer to as 'the Filigree'; thin, gossamer strands that connect everything. 
—They hope to bring Inspiration to you & your Life!
If you are interested in finding more out about the Filigree, they can be found at:

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