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Monday, July 27, 2015

100 Days of Halloween - Halloween Project Line Up

Now's the time to start getting ready for Halloween projects! For the last year or two I've been wanting to do something with felt and embroidery. I took a gander around Pinterest and here's what I found:

The above picture is kind of what I'm thinking of, something simple and folk-arty. Felt is inexpensive and I've got a bunch of crewel yarns and embroidery floss. I just noticed the buttons on it too! I've got lots of those.

This hat is just too cute! I think making a bunch of them and hanging them from a garland would be cute.

I love this Halloween Tree. I've been meaning to get one for years. I think I'll have to splurge this year. The felt ornaments on the tree seem simple and they are small. It's always good to start small.

If I get brave maybe I can work my way up to this! Not made of felt but, super adorable just the same. 

Do you have any Halloween projects in mind yet?


  1. I have started on a couple of different Halloween shadow boxes/houses, and intend on finishing them before October - and post on my blog :)

  2. Some great ideas there, I love the decorated hat, they would make lovely decorations.