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Saturday, September 3, 2011

In Search of My Perfect Halloween - Creepy Dolls

I've mentioned before that I love the vintage Halloween of the past, the whimsies of a bygone era. But, for me, Halloween has to have an element of scary. The deserted house on the hill that mysteriously has a window lit at night or long dark hallways (think abandoned asylums), the old cemetary at night, mannequins in a department store after its closed. These things are not really scary in and of themselves but, it's the thought of what could happen in the environment or where our minds take us if we let it go there.

This brings me to creepy dolls. Dolls can't harm us. Many of us love them and collect them and have had a favorite one when we were children. They are inanimate objects. But, as we've seen in many scary movies, what if the dolls we know and love have a soul? Or are possessed by something dark? Or what if they are crying out to us in their silent stare that they still want to be loved?
creepy doll
Very Creepy Doll
Creepy Birdcage Doll
creepy doll
What if?


  1. Yes, I tend to put dolls in the same creepy category as clowns. I never could sleep in a room with one. Staring. Always staring . . .

  2. I can't even go there. My daughter was frightened by "one of those movies" as a kid and she still is a little leary of some dolls as an adult. The kids story "When the dolls came to life", very benign and fun started the whole thought process for her. I wish it would have been a good thought. These pictures are very creepy and wonderful....what if indeed. Oma Linda