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Friday, August 9, 2013

100 Days of Halloween......Costumes

The best part of Halloween as a kid is dressing up and going trick or treating. I loved to think about what I wanted to be and how I would make the costume. A majority of the costumes I've had were ones that I made myself with what I had on hand. I racked my brain trying to remember what costumes I had over the years. This is what I could remember:

Clown (age 3 or 4) - I think this may have been my very first costume. My mother made a clown costume for me and my sister. I don't actually remember trick or treating in this one so I must have been very little, maybe 3 or 4 years old. It was red on one side and blue on the other with white polka dots all over it. I remember using it as pajamas too.

Cinderella (age 4 or 5) - this was one of those cool retro costumes with a mask. Something like this:

I remember this costume but, I don't remember trick or treating in this costume either. I do remember playing with it after Halloween was over. I truly wanted to be a princess.

Red Riding Hood (age 7) - This was a total homemade costume. I had a traditional German or Swiss dress, in red, that my aunt bought for me when she was in Europe one year. I wore that with a red poncho that I had and tied a red kerchief around my head and carried a basket.

Angel (age 8) - This was a actually a nightgown/costume. It was white flannel and I think it had "Little Angel" embroidered or written on the front. I remember going to the craft store with my mom to buy pipe cleaners to make a halo. I had a hard time choosing between the gold, silver or pink sparkly pipe cleaners. I choose the pink sparkly ones in the end.

Hobo (age 9) - another homemade costume. I used one of my dad's old plaid shirts, bought a plastic derby hat and painted a beard on my face.

Gypsy (age 10) - I had a beautiful skirt that my aunt had bought me. It had different plaid patterns all over it in reds, yellows, black and other earthy colors. I scrounged for lots of bracelets from my mom and found a pretty scarf, also from my mom, to wear around my shoulders.

Roller Disco Queen  (age 11) - Borrowed a red, shiny leotard from my sister. It was one of those one arm leotards and the other arm was bare. I bought some silver (ooh, more shiny stuff!!) sequined trim and sewed it around the edges of the leotard and down the sides of some white shorts. I wore some rainbow socks (yes, it was 1976) and of course roller skates! I remember getting lots of candy that year cause roller skating around the neighborhood was a lot faster than walking.

Chorus Line (high school) - Total store bought costume, silver top hat, black & white tuxedo top and tails. I wore this with a black leotard and very high spiky heels. I can't believe I wore that to school!!!

Black Cat (also in high school) - nothing too special, just kitty ears and a tail, but it is one of my favorite costumes to this day.

Bride of Frankenstein (when I was about 6 months pregnant...yes I was out of high school!) - this is a great costume if you're very pregnant! I just used an old white sheet with a hole cut in the middle, put it over my head, wrapped my arms in gauze bandages, ratted my hair and sprayed the sides white. Donned the traditional make-up and there I was!

I know I skipped a couple of years but, think there were some years that I thought I was "too big",  "too old" or "too cool" to dress up. I believe my last year of trick or treating was when I was 11 or 12. Sigh.....

The one costume that I've never worn, that to this day I've always wanted to be is a fairy. Something like this

I definitely need something with wings.

What was your favorite Halloween costume?


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  2. this is such a cool post!!
    all your costumes sound amazing!
    my favorite was the year i was a gypsy...nothing beats red lipstick and a load of jewelry!!

  3. Love the post!
    My favorite Halloween costume was the gothic bride that I did last year for my 5th wedding anniversary/Halloween party =) I've always wanted a beautiful, black gothicy wedding get-up and that was the perfect occasion for it :)