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Friday, August 23, 2013

100 Days of Halloween.....Vintage Image

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. How old-fashioned and charming---I love the way that they dress up as real people, in whatever the closets, bureaus, and attic trunks had to hand. We all used to be actual folks, as well, back when shall-town kids could still walk out way past dark, and parents would merely call sleepily from bed, "Be sure to lock the door before you go to bed!"

    And I do believe that's one of the most frightened ghosts I've ever seen. Poor thing.

    Always lovely to drop in and see what fun thing you're up to next.


  2. I could have sworn I entered a comment on this charming postcard---the ghost looks more frightened than frightful.

    And the children are all dressed as PEOPLE, not characters, as we were back in my childhood (not quite so far back as outhouse-tipping and window-soaping, but easily in the charcoal-from-the-grill beard smudges on a young hobo's face).

    I've always loved Halloween, until an almost-tragedy on our street two years ago made it a dread. You have so wonderfully, slowly restored my childhood joy in the festivities, and I thank you SO much.


    1. You're welcome Rachel! Glad I can bring back some of the joy of Halloween to you!