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Thursday, August 14, 2014

100 Days of Halloween: Micheal's has more stuff!

Geez! I had great intentions of doing my 100 days right and I get slammed at work again! Anyhoo, I'll keep at it as much as I can. Now that my guest room is unoccupied, it's now my craft room again. I've organized things and am starting on some Halloween projects. I made another trek to Micheal's and they are pretty much in full swing for Halloween. I'm waiting until items are marked down and then I will start making some small purchases. Here's what I found:

Some skeletons...

I love these spell books. I bought some last year.

Not scary....


They had some cute fall, harvesty stuff as well.

I also went to Jo-Ann's. Not a lot of Halloween stuff yet but, things looked like they were in transition. Also, I saw the first signage for a Halloween Spirit store! Oh happy days to come!

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