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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

100 Days of Halloween: Hemlock Grove

As we get closer to the season I hope to find some new scary/spooky TV shows or movies to post about. Of course, I will watch all the traditional goodies - Charlie Brown Halloween, Hocus Pocus, etc. it wouldn't be Halloween without them!

Now that I have Netflix, it's easier to find some interesting and new things to watch. I've had Hemlock Grove on my list for awhile and just started watching. I'm not good at reviewing tv/movies.  I can't ever really tell if an actor gave "a convincing performance as so and so....". I just know what I like and Hemlock Grove has kept me intrigued. There are some characters that annoy me. Not because of bad acting but, because the characters are annoying or stupid (Dougray Scott's character is one of them, he such a wuss) I've finished season 1 and now am onto season 2. I won't give any spoilers but, I've just read that it is up in the air about a season 3 and season 2 was left with a cliffhanger. So, I might be left with not knowing what happens. But, I think it is worth the watch.

Hemlock Grove is on Netflix and produced by Eli Roth.

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