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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fairy Friday - In A Fairy House....

Fairy House at Dusk

Fairy House by Torisaur

In a fairy house you'll find
Magic of a special kind,
Magic that warms the heart and calms the mind

In a fairy house you'll find
A hearth cozy and warm
To shelter from a winter storm

In a fairy house you'll find
Delicious treats of every kind
Honey, bread and elderberry tea

Won't you stay and have a cup with me?

Poem by me


  1. I would be most delighted to stay and have a cup of elderberry tea with thee, in your festive Fairy House! :o)

    Happy Fairy Friday to you Joane!

    And lovely poem too! :o)

  2. What a lovely photo - a cover photo for "Fairy Homes and Gardens"? :0)

    And the poem is fun! Wouldn't a Fairy Tea Party be fun?

    Happy Fairy Friday to you! :0)

  3. Oh, that faerie house looks SO cute and cozy. I'd love to live there! Theresa