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Friday, October 29, 2010

Mori Point, Pacifica, California

I don't know why but, for some reason I love the beach on a grey overcast day. Something about the beach on those days I find very calming and mysterious. I love the beach on sunny days too but, on grey days there are usually less people and the opportunity to let the sounds and colors of the beach sooth a frazzled mind is much stronger. Lately, at the beach near my house, I've been taking my little dog to run on the beach and hike up the cliffs with me (when it's not too windy, Carlos hates the wind). I may be moving next year to Nevada so, no beaches! I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and have lived here all of my life with the exception of about 6 months in Virginia and 2 1/2 year in Germany (ex-hubby was in the army). Both are beautiful places but, not home and, no beaches like California. When I think of moving to a land locked state I wonder, "What am I gonna do without the beach?" The beach is and always has been the place I go to center myself and let the Pacific ocean tides take away what worries I have. I wanted to share some photos of Mori Point in Pacifica California. I don't know if you can get the sense that I do on a grey day at the beach but, I hope you enjoy the photos all the same.

No it's not blurry, just foggy. Pacifica is famous for it's fog. Every year there is a fog fest.

Carlos, my hiking buddy.

California wildflower.

A foggy beach. Looks kind of eerie but, I like it.

I even like how the flowers look when they are dying.

Bottlegger steps to the top of the cliff.

View from the top of the steps.

Once at the top, this is the view to the south. There is a hiking trail that leads all the way down and around the cliffs. At one time there used to be a little inn/store where they did all the bootlegging.

Carlos, ready to run. He loves to run on the beach. He may be little but, he can run all the way up the bootlegger steps without stopping.

Little birds running from the tide.

I don't know why but I love the look of all the pebbles on the beach. So many different shades of grey.
I hope you enjoyed the photos. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I love the beach on these days, too! No crowds....no blaring sun....no pressure from everyone around me to get in a bathing suit...haha! Give me some sweats and a foggy morning anyday!
    .....the sound of the rolling surf and a cute hiking buddy are the icing :)

  2. Joane,

    I just LOVED this!!! I was raised in a have-a-coast-but-live-eight-hours-away place, then moved to the AL coast, with good proximity also to Pensacola.

    The sugar-sand of that beach is one of the glories of the world, though I've always longed to walk the pebbles of your area, and those craggy, grim ones of the tiptop New England coast.

    And now we're in the Heartland, and I DO know what you have to do when you're in a landlocked place: go back as often as you can, and rely on lovely folks like YOU for glimpses of the Wonderland we long for.

    Thank you!!


  3. I love going to the beach in the fall and winter, when no one else is around. There is such a tranquil beauty there. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. Looks like Carlos had a wonderful time, as well. Theresa

  4. Those wildflowers look lik Hollyhocks! Are they? They are my favorite flower, but they don't grow wild here in Minnesota. We have to plant them.

    Love your pictures!

    Laurel :)

  5. it's gorgeous there!
    we never get fog, maybe once in January...(sigh)
    Well Carlos is certainly handsome!!
    beautiful pictures:)

  6. Thank you Ivory Pumpkin