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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Tea Party Under A Halloween Moon....A Giveaway!

Time for Tea!!!

I've been looking forward to this party! I had a whole photo shoot planned out with me in my very best witch hat and the tea party set up outside and a little story to go along with everything....well life gets in the way and some things just don't happen the way they are supposed to. But,I still have a really good giveaway for those that want to participate! I'm giving away the following items.....

Grey handknit fingerless gloves, a bookmark, a pretty purple butterfly ring , a 1x2 inch flower fairy pendant, a 1x1 inch purple flower pendant.

 Here are some close ups....
The gloves were handknit by me. They are in a beautiful silvery grey color.....

I made this bookmark with some cute vintage Halloween images.....

The flower fairy pendant comes on an adjustable, chocolate brown ribbon and cord necklace. It measures 1x2 inches....

This buttfly ring measures about 1 inch in diameter and is set in a silvertone base with an adjustable band......

This pendant with tiny purple flowers with a script background comes in a copper base that measures 1x1 inches.
There will be a few extra surprise treats in the giveaway as well! If you'd like to enter the giveaway sign up to follow my blog and leave a comment. If you aleady follow, just leave a comment. Please note that all of my items come from a smoke free home but, I do have a naughty chihuahua! I'll be drawing the name of the lucky winner on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy the rest of the party. Good Luck and Happy Halloween!


  1. Love that tea set... and the bookmark is so cute. Lovely post. xx

  2. What a lovely giveaway! Those fingerless gloves look super cozy. I am already a follower!

  3. I do understand about life getting in the way. Too many things to do not enough time to get them all done. sigh.
    I would love to be entered for your giveaway. Thanks so much, The Olde Bagg

  4. such a cute give away, im already a follower of the lovely blog.



  5. i understand how things can get distracting! i love that tea set in the first picture, so pretty! what a nice giveaway you are having! (I'm already a follower!)

  6. Oh boy, do I understand plans going awry! I took all of the photos for my shoot, aside from the ones of the moon... this morning! My camera died while I was shooting photos of the moon and my husband and I were up until 1:30am looking for my battery charger. We went to bed defeated and found it this morning in one of the places we checked three times last night. Whoops!

    Sorry for the long ramble! I'd love to be entered to win your beautiful items, I'm already a follower. :)

  7. Oh I know how it goes with life getting in the way of blog parties, I think we've all been there. What a generous treat you're giving away, wow! I definitely am a follower of your lovely blog. If you get a chance and want a spot of tea please make your way on the path of the woods. Thank you, Joane.


  8. What an amazing give away! I totally understand about life getting in the way of your plans though! Im a follower and thanks so much for the chance to win such wonderful treats!

  9. What a gorgeous tea set! Hope you are enjoying the parties. And thank you for a lovely giveaway. Everything is beautiful. I am a follower. :)

    If you haven't already done so, please feel free to stop by my little owl tea party:


    Enjoy the parties!

  10. I love your tea set, beautiful.

  11. Oh how Wonderful are all your creations. Thank you for inviting me to your delightful tea, and What a generouse and beautiful giveaway. Please do come by when you have a chance to visit.

    Spells and wishes,
    WEndy from Wonderland

  12. Thank you for such a delightful post for our Tea Party... I'm now a follower and will look foward to visiting again soon!
    hugs from Australia,

  13. I am a Follower and always look forward to your posts....even when they're not quite up to our intentions :)

    Thank you for a chance at some wonderful goodies...so nice of you :)


  14. what a beautiful tea set...and oh my goodness, your give away is amazing and generous!
    thank you for visiting my party tonight...have a great evening!

  15. Such a lovely Tea Party! And such a lovely blog of yours :)))
    I am your follower now too!!!
    Thank you for stoping by in my own blog, you are very welcome! I´m so happy that my post inspired some hearts!
    Blessed be,

  16. Enchanting Full Moon Tea Party Tea Set. Love your beautiful blog, your PICs & your pretty giveaways. October 23 is my third Blogoversary, so October is a spooktacular Celebration month.

    Hope you really have fun trick or treating this year. Enjoy your journey!

    Please fly by for my giveaways too.
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

    P.S. I became a follower, hope you'll follow me too...

  17. I'm sorry I'm later i got lost over the smaelly bog but it was worth it because you tea set is beautiful and a giveaway wonderful. I hope you had a cup cake at my place? and thank you for coming well more parties to go to ... did you see where I left my broom? hugs and BOOS wendy at blissangels

  18. Oh, the Tea Set!!! It is just charming, and is so reminiscent of a tiny one given me by a GrandDaughter years ago.

    I'm so very pleased to find so many Fairy Lovers all in one spot, and SO look forward to dropping in again to enjoy your posts and pictures!


  19. The best thing about halloween is that it comes around each year, so your plans are just on hold not lost. Life has a way of throwing us curves be kind to yourself. Your tea set is lovely and so kind of you to have some blog candy to share.

  20. I'm a follower (thegrans) and I would love to be entered into this awesome giveaway!! :0) Thanks

  21. I had to tweak my plans as well, can't find my witch hat, and the 2 people that were supposed to be at my tea table were not. I love your tea set! I also LOVE your giveaways, and i could soo use the hand/wrist warmers. My left hand wrist is very damaged from an on the job injury in 2005...I am missing 3 wrist bones, several tendons and some muscle and have permanent nerve damage. Because the lower bones (closer to the hand, have dropped back (to where the other bones were) they do not fit right, and are being chewed up by Arthritis, I eventually will have to have the bones fused and will have no bending ability left. :(
    as with any other arthritis the cold and damp bother it immensely. I'll be meditating on the positive vibe of being the winner. LOL

    Thank you for your lovely tea party and your generosity. I also have a giveaway.


    Please come visit:

  22. I love your tea set and the pendants, how beautiful. I so know what you mean about life. It is forever getting in way of creative flow...LOL! I so need to get some of those fingerless gloves for when I'm painting. I'm always making a mess. I loved your tea party, thank you so much for having me.
    Hugs, Seshat

  23. Oh I completely understand how these things happen. Sometimes life just won't let us have a little party when we want to lol! Thank you so much for still doing a post. Your tea set is really lovely and your giveaway is wonderful! have a beautiful week.


  24. I believe you created magic all the same. I can relate. Sometimes life turns in another direction from you. This past week was quite a challenge for our family, in that hubby had eye surgery and my son got a concussion , so those things took priority and of course very thankful everything turned out for the best. My only complaint is I have such a long way to go and may be needing those warm and cozy mitts, so please do drop my name in for the draw.

    p.s. I'm Having a draw as well for a seashell soldered bottle on Halloween Sunday October 31st/2010, so do try and drop in for a spell and a chance at winning my bottle.
    The Wood Beyond The World