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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Any knitters out there in blogland....

Any knitters out there? If so,  I have a small announcement that some knitters might appreciate.

I have nothing to knit! I have completed all of my WIP's and I have one UFO that I don't want to complete anyway as I don't like how it's turning out. I've been knitting for over 20 years now and, have always had something in the works.
What to knit now? I've taken up crocheting as well so a project there is an option. I have lots of yarn in my stash. A handbag maybe? Socks are something that I've never tried yet. I recently bought this pretty handdyed yarn from Penny Rose Yarns on Etsy

Any ideas?


  1. well, I'm a little leagues sort of knitter! I love yarns though and pretty knitted things! you could make yourself a dainty little cap or some mittens! I'm a sucker for accessories ;)

  2. I just recently took up knitting and so far all I can knit is a straight line (scarves anyone?), so I don't really have any suggestions. However, I do want to try crocheting too, so maybe I will follow your lead in that department!

  3. Have you signed up for ravelry? It's a wonderful mecca of knitting patterns (many free)! I don't know if you still have to wait for membership, but it is free to join. You'll never want to leave! http://www.ravelry.com

  4. Such a pretty yarn! I'll go for shawl, and Theresa is right there are so many ideas on Ravelry; the only problem is which project to start first.