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Friday, January 14, 2011

I Got an Award!

Thank you Jennifer at Confessions of a Kitchen Witch! She gave me this cool award!

Now I need to tell seven things about myself. Hmmmmm, ok here goes:
1) I don't mind getting older. I just get better!
2) I'm grateful I have my job but, it's hecka boring! (I'm an admin assistant) I would love to be able to knit, crochet and craft full time and be able to make a living doing it.
3) I think I would like to live in the 1950's for a little while. There isn't much about the 50's I don't like.
4) I would love to live in New England. In a quaint little cottage somewhere, maybe in Cape Cod.
5) I think hedgehogs are cute. (Is there anyone that doesn't think that?)
6) I would like to have a tea party someday.
7) Someday I would like to get published. A pattern, a childrens story, a poem, it doesn't matter. I'd like to leave my mark somewhere!

There are too many blogs that I'd like to give this award too. Sooo, everyone gets the......

I think you're all awesome too! Have a lovely weekend!

Be Well,


  1. Congrats on your blog award - that's awesome! Thanks for sharing seven things about yourself. I think hedgehogs are cute, as well, and would love to own one someday. A tea party would indeed be fun. And I really love living in New England - I think you'd really love it, too. Theresa

  2. ~good morning and congrats on your stylish award!!! it is always fun to learn more about someone!!! my dad is from new england and i used to go back and spend the summers there...truly a beautiful place to be...and a tea party...do treat yourself to such a wonderful day to indulge in...i haev been back reading trying to catch up and your posts have been filled with such beauty...i love garnets...red such a powerfull color and wood toys...sigh...i adore wooden toys and love the ones you shared...and then that shawl...oh my goodness...it is gorgeous...i hope this finds you well and i wish you a wonderful weekend ahead...much love light and blessings be with you always~

  3. Congrats to you!! Well deserved! :0)

  4. Congratulations on your award! Yes, hedgehogs are certainly adorable! Enjoy your weekend, hopefully doing something you love, like crafting or crocheting.