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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Changing up Joyful Monday a bit....

It's been difficult keeping up with Joyful Monday. Not finding joyful things but, keeping to the weekly schedule and finding the time. Work has been so busy with no sign of slowing down. Also, my family most likely will be moving in the next several months (out of state no less) so I'll be dealing with packing, cleaning, moving and pretty much starting a new life somewhere else.  I want to keep up with the focus on being positive but, I'm feeling bad because I can't find the time to devote to Mondays.

So......Joyful Monday will be changed to "The Joy of.......". It will be the same premise but, more random. If the joy of something strikes my fancy I'll blog about it as I find the time. I hope that anyone that wishes to will follow along on the joyful trip. I love to read about what brings other people joy.


  1. Hi Joane ~ It sounds like you're having a very busy start to 2011! Hopefully you will find lots of JOY this year and have much to blog about. A new beginning can be a very exciting time ~ good luck!

  2. We just finished with a move....not one of my favorite things....

    ...but the joy of new possibilities and impending adventure are what life is about. You'll get through it....and find little things to smile about along the way...

    Glad to be along for the ride :)