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Friday, January 7, 2011

Fairy Friday and Rambling......

There is something about winter after the holidays that I find mysterious and appealing. The hustle and bustle is gone, decorations come down and we are left with a silence that I find serene. The holdiays have passed and it really is the time to focus inward. Winter is a time for self reflection. I love this fairy picture by Paulina Cassidy of the tree in winter with bare branches. Bare branches. Baring ourselves to see what is really there? Our true structure uncovered? Come the Spring and Summer we can cover ourselves again with the beauty that is within.
There I go rambling, self-reflecting and being philosophical! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. What a fantastic image of Paulina's (I love her art too) to remind us as you said of the soft Winter time to go within to our roots and reflect on what the New Year may hold for us.

  2. Wonderful image! I love seeing the beauty of Winter - when everything is bare and the true structural beauty can be seen. And it is a good time to reflect upon our structure.

    Best of luck on your move this summer. :0) I hope it all goes without a mishap. Will be quite a change climate-wise for you.

  3. Paulina's work is really beautiful. Do you have her new wall calendar? All of our decorations are packed away and we have a fresh blanket of beautiful snow. You are right about the quiet - no hustle and bustle long gone. It's kind of nice. Theresa