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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I love Halloween but, I don't like that kind of Halloween....

I was tickled the other day when to my surprise I see a Halloween Express store at the local strip mall! And, at another mall was a Spirit Halloween store. It seems Halloween comes early to the Las Vegas area. So, of course I meandered in to soak up some trick or treat goodness.

 I was kind of disappointed. Not because the store didn't have a good supply of costumes, zombies and gore items but, I think it was because I was looking for a different type of Halloween. The gore and sexy costumes have their place but, not in my Halloween world.

I'm still trying to define what exactly what it is I'm looking for in Halloween. I guess I'm a vintage type of gal. I like jack o' lanterns with sneaky grins and black cats like the image below.....
 And witches riding broomsticks across the night sky......
And caramel apples.....

Whether you like gore, sexy costumes, monsters or cute little goblins and fairy princesses knocking on your door for candy, Halloween is a state of mind. Everyone has a different idea of what it should be. Unfortunately, I can't go to these commercial Halloween stores to get my fix. For me to get a true Halloween fix I'd need to go to Salem, MA but, that's not in the cards right now. I guess I'll have to create my own Halloween state of mind, I'm not sure what I'll come up with but, I promise to share whatever discoveries I may find.

What kind of Halloween do you like?


  1. I'm like you, I like my Halloween vintage style - with black cats, witches, ghosts, and tombstones. Not into blood and gore.

  2. Have you checked the dollar tree??? I found the cutest little "glitter globes" that have the traditional jack o' lanterns and black cats as well as silloutte cut outs of bats, cats, owls, and ravens. They had some blood and gore and all too, but they actually had a lot of really neat stuff. We got a gargoyle and charged it to be house guardian and then set him in the bird bath in the front garden. I hope you find more of what you're looking for> :)

  3. Oooh the Dollar Tree! I haven't checked that store out yet. Thanks for the info.

  4. Halloween even before I knew it was "holy", I felt is was holy as a kid. So I am an "old timers" Halloween observer.
    I have always felt that kids deserve to celebrate the magick of Halloween but the gore that came to be the end all and be all was just commercialism. I always have a fortune teller booth out in front of the house for the neighbor kids to do before they trick or treat. And then we sit down to a late supper and share it with the ancestors, called Dumb dinner because we never speak but watch and wait for contact. Vintage even if it is reproduction all the way.
    My grandchildren have gotten the magick and now plan for it from Sept on. I came to this because I wanted to be respectful and mindful of the holiness and spirit of the season. I hope you find what you are looking for in the way of embellishments for the magick of Halloween. Oma Linda

  5. Where is that lovely witch picture from?

  6. Hi clarity! Here is the link for the image. It's from Karen's Whimsey and the image is in the public domain so feel free to use!


  7. I'm with you! I love vintage Halloween imagery. A wonderful mixture of innocence and creepiness. I don't like gore and when I walk into a store and see the words "sexy ____" on every costume, I usually walk out just as quickly.

  8. I am not a blood and gore gal either! But I do love the look of an Herbal Apothecary and of course Jack O'Lanterns and Black Cats etc. If you can find a "Home Goods" store out there....check them out. They always have a great assortment that is perfect for people like us! Also Old Time Pottery, Joanne's and usually Target has a nice mix as well! :o)

  9. Hi Joane ~ I'm just making my rounds through blogland to say thank you so much for the supportive comments on my post. Your prayers and warm wishes are immensely appreciated ~ thank you!

  10. I agree! Love the vintage look. New follower and looking forward to seeing your post for the PM party. This will be my first year.


    Dana @ On the Broomstick