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Monday, November 15, 2010

Joyful Monday....

As most of you know I'm waiting to go back for a 2nd mammogram. I just made my appointment and they didn't have anything until the 24th. Bummer. So back to more waiting (it's the waiting that's getting to me). Sigh. The outpouring of support that I've had from blogland was immensly comforting to me over the weekend. I can't describe it.

It's made me think that if we do not experience difficulties in life would we know what joy really is? It's like yin and yang, black and white, unfortunately, it seems there cannot be one without the other. I could post something for Joyful Monday but, I kind of feel it wouldn't be genuine. I'm trying to stay positive and not worry but, the worry creeps in sometimes.

I would have made it through the weekend had I not had the words of comfort from blogland. I would have been a grouchy wreck but, I would have made it. Which brings me to think, in the times we cannot experience joy or give joy to others, we can offer comfort and comfort ourselves. So I will re-read your words of comfort and wrap them around myself like a blanket. I'll cuddle with my little dog and let him lick my face. I'll enjoy being with my family and eat desert. I've always had the mind set that things could be worse. I'm grateful that I have a job and insurance. I'm thankful that I have a blog to spill out my guts and have friends listen. Thanks again.


Edit: I've edited this as I want to know, when you are not feeling joyful, for whatever reasons, what comforts you? Words, a blanket, chocolate, your friends?


  1. Love and blessings and hugs and warmth to you down there in the shiny state from me up here in the cold country.
    Blessings and love enough to last you through until the 24th.
    Faerie Sage

  2. Many blessings, hugs and lots of patience to see you through the wait until the test date comes up.

    When I feel unsure, melancholy or simply mopey a warm blanket, a good hug, a nice cup of tea and a funny movie are what I long for.

  3. I know that if you are fortunate enough in life to have just one someone who cares about you, you are blessed. Any more than one and you are a blessing to those that care about you. We are like angels each of us with only one wing...we need another to soar. You have allowed us to be blessed and a blessing. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in being afraid to share our burdens because of what others might perceive as taking advantage that we loose sight of how we should depend on each other for solice, comfort, friendship. Thanks for letting us care. The Olde Bagg

  4. Joane, You deserve every happiness and every blessing in life, I hope my little blog can bring you at least a sparkle in your day.
    Faerie Sage

  5. Sending you hugs and blessings your way. I've been in a similar situation myself so I understand how you're feeling.

    Sometimes when I'm feeling down my comfort during the day is knowing the duvet will be warm at night!

  6. Came by way of Marfi's blog

    May He give you peace and comfort during this time. You are so right, words of comfort can heal a defeated spirit. I am going through a difficult time myself so I know that words left behind on my blog, has had the power to lift me.

    Sending hugs and many prayers,
    Deanna :D

  7. Yesterday at around 5 a.m. you were brought to my thoughts..than some time during the day I was talking to someone and I mentioned you to them (another blogger that had been praying for ya too)and we prayed over you again...

    This post was beautiful.

    "It's made me think that if we do not experience difficulties in life would we know what joy really is? It's like yin and yang, black and white, unfortunately, it seems there cannot be one without the other."

    your SO right.

    This comment also "we can offer comfort and comfort ourselves." reminding of
    a video on You Tube I did and shared it at my blog and I discussed the same thing you did,,about when you need encouragement, sometimes you give the encouragement. It was titled Encouragement for the Suffering. I was really needing some encouragement and felt drawn to do a video..The next day I did a video called The Bottomless Pit..that kinda freaked some people out (didn't bother sharing it on my blog,lol..had enough people emailing me from you tube)...sometimes you gotta just share and 'spill your guts out'...I'm going to keep praying for ya girl...and if I come to your mind, say some for me too please, I got some huge things I'm dealing with....

  8. I am so sorry that you need to wait a little longer to go for the second test. Maybe if they did not schedule you immediately, then perhaps it will not be serious? Sending you lots of well wishes...Theresa
    PS What comforts me is listening to my favorite music and also cuddling with my pups. Getting sloppy wet kisses and feeling all that warm fur makes me so happy inside.