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Monday, November 1, 2010

What Brings You Joy?

I don't have the most exciting day to day life. I work in an office 9-5. I don't work with a team so, I'm usually in a cubicle in a corner with no windows, by myself. My family is very middle class, we don't own a home (or much of anything else!). We live in the San Franicso Bay area which is one of the most expensive places to live in the U.S. Depending on how you look at things, everything can be turned to a positive - my job is a boring 9-5 job but, I have a job - many people still don't. California is expensive but, it is one of the most beautiful places to be.

Sometimes though, when you're just trying to make your day to day ends meet and your kids need braces and your car needs tires and the cost of a gallon of milk is the same as a gallon gas, well appreciating what you have can be kind of hard. I'd like to start creating posts about what brings joy. I'm going to try every Monday to post something that has to do with joy. Monday is a good day to do this and, I think, a good way to start the week.

I would love to hear about what brings you joy. Sharing is caring! It could be anything - a word, a picture, a memory, a scent, an action, a song, a random act of kindness. Explain as much or as little as you want, post links, pics, anything, or just read what others have to say. Follow the blog or not, the point is to bring joy, a little or a lot. What brings you joy may be totally different than someone else. And, that's the beauty of it. Please join me in the launch of Joyful Monday!

I'll start with this:
Halloween + Trick or Treating = Joy

Since Halloween has just passed, I'll start with this one. When I was a little I wasn't the smartest or most athletic kid on the block. I was painfully shy and I sometimes got picked on. I didn't have a miserable childhood. I had friends and a very loving family. But, I was very tentative about initiating things or talking to people because I was always afraid of what they would say or think about me. Except on Halloween. First off, I got to be anything I wanted and nobody cared. The kids that did pick on me were too busy with their own Halloween goings on to worry about me. I wasn't shy about trick or treating cause everyone else was doing it too. I really remember how excited I felt to go out on Halloween night, dressed up, trick or treating with my sister or my friends and trying to find the scariest houses in the neighborhood and being totally happy, blissful even. The smell of my pillow sack full of candy was heaven! And to think I had weeks maybe months of a candy supply!

I stopped trick or treating after 8th grade. Halloween changed for me after I stopped trick or treating. I'm not sure how. I still loved Halloween and dressing up, I still do! I guess it's a little like when the tooth fairy stops coming. Maybe, it has to do with that "passage into adulthood". A little of the magic disappears. But, I still have the memory and the smell of a bag of candy still brings me joy.


  1. Everyone must be feeling it, I have commited to do the 30 posts of truth and privatly to find something I love about myself each day, Jennifer over at Coffessions of a Kitchen witch is doing 30 posts of gratitude, and now you have this awsome amazing wonderful idea about Joyful Mondays I love it! I am totally in!
    Blessed Be

  2. I understand what you mean about living here in California....my husband and I have been married for 12 years...and are now just able to buy our 1st home...an hour away from family and the life we know...

    ...But....we get to buy one...when so many have lost theirs...and I'm trying to look at what we will gain with this move, rather than what we lose...

    Change is difficult, but since it is the only constant.... it is something that we must embrace to adjust happily to a new town, new friends and new adventures...

    So, I'm going to concentrate on the thrill of the exciting possibilities that lay in wait :)

  3. I love this!! Thank you for stopping by my blog!! Another thing to be thankful for; all the wonderful, encouraging people I have found or have found me through this vast blogsphere :) You found a new follower!! Also, I have a blog, 1313 WitchWood Drive and have been going through The Happy Book with Jamie Ridler. Something I think you may like. The book blogging group, The Next Chapter with Jamie is amazing and The Happy Book I think should be given out to everyone :)


  4. this is great,I love the whole candy scented pillowcase image.
    What brings me joy?
    a star sparkled night, cool breezes, a warm jacket, the smell of candy apples and coffee, a new book...oh I could go on and on...I will back next monday!
    thank you.

  5. Every cloud has a silver lining and so does life. It's all a matter of perspective.

    So many things bring me joy...a cat purring on my lap, the way the tree limbs swing in the wind, getting lost in a good book.

    May your whole week be joyful!
    I have an award for you on my blog. :0)

  6. What makes me happy is to read what you've just written . It is pure magic when I know some adults still remember the joys of childhood .

  7. I've given you a few awards over on my blog if you'd like to drop by for a visit!


  8. You hit a chord for me. I'm not sure how I found you... The Morbid The Merrier? No matter. We find people for reasons, I suppose....

    I needed this this morning. To think about the positives and to dig deep to share what brings me joy.

    The sound of my children's laughter, the sound of a crackling fire, the ocean, the beach, shells, making soap, feeling loved, the wind, giving, my bed, napping, and NOT being in pain.

    I have too many, but this will do for now...

    Thank you for letting me think of these things and sharing...


  9. What a heartfelt post! I am relate to being isolated when younger. I was an overweight child, with glasses and frizzy hair. I was not athletic or part of the "in crowd" and got picked on a lot. But listening to music and drawing brought me great joy - in fact, it probably saved me from myself. And I always did look forward to Halloween, for it was indeed a chance to be someone else. And I still love Halloween for that very reason - it's magic to get dressed up with glittery shoes, striped stockings and a hat and be able to fly away to whereever I want. Thank you for sharing an honest and powerful post. Theresa