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Friday, November 12, 2010

Please send some positive energy my way.....

I got a call today that I have to got back in for a 2nd mammogram. I've had to go in twice before for 2nd screenings and I've been told that I have "an area of density" and it's nothing to worry about. But, god getting that call just made my heart sink to my stomach. So, I'll have to wait all weekend so I can call for an appointment for the screening. Sigh. I've heard the saying, "Hope for the best but, prepare for the worst." So I guess that's what I'll do this weekend. Too many thoughts swimming in my head. So please, if you have a moment can you send some energy, chi or prayers my way? I do believe positive thoughts help. Thank you so much.



  1. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers Joane! And I too am a firm believer in positive thoughts, even when things are going bad, I still fight to stay positive. Wishing for good news for you!

  2. Not to worry it will be a Joyful Monday. I will send you all the positive energy I can spare all weekend long! Blessings and Joy and Happiness!
    Faerie Sage

  3. Sending you lots of positive thoughts, energy & love~
    Woodstock Lily

  4. definately! I will do the same...prayers and postive energy!

  5. Dear precious one, Incipient Wings sent me your way. I ended up going back to my Fearless Friday post and added you to the list. It's a day where many of us gather together to pray for one another and others...

    I want to give you that positive energy that you have asked for...I want to let you know girl that God IS good and POWERFUL..doing for us more than we could ever ask or imagine.

    I am a firm believe that what we think comes to pass. Be it life or death. Be it negative or positive. What we meditate upon over and over mentally comes to pass in the physical realm.

    I want to leave you with this..it IS so powerful and has brought much comfort to my heart as my family and I have faced fierce 'storms' these last two years...

    They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them. They are confident and fearless and can face their foes triumphantly.” ~ Psalm 112:7-8 NLT

    As soon as I read your post, I thought of that above scripture. It just whammed my spirit..So I am praying girlfriend over your spirit this weekend and on Monday..you WILL not fear bad news, your CONFIDENT (and I don't know what your belief's are, but mine are in God so I will be CONFIDENT that the Lord is going to care for you. You will be confident and fearless as you face this foe that has come to attack your mind, body and spirit...and you WILL conquer it and destroy it girl, facing it triumphantly!!!!

    It definitely was not by chance that Incipient Wings and I connected just two days ago...that I would leave a comment at her blog, than she would come to visit me. Than this morning bring you to my attention..That was God's doing..wanting to let you know and me...He hears our cries..I love ya girl, even though I don't 'know' you, my heart loves you...

  6. Hope all is well. Thinking positive thoughts! :)

  7. ~good morning...i have stumbled over from incipient wings...a candle i will light...sending healing blessings and wishes upon you...may your mind be put to ease this day and those coming...i truly believe when on or more come together in the power prayer universal thoughts whatever way we voice our words...the power and strength is ever so strong and will bring forth only goodness upon the one who is recieving such thoughts...be calm and remain optimistic...much l♥ve and light shining brightly upon you always~

  8. I will send all the positive energy I can! I hate those calls that make you feel edgy that you have to sit on all weekend so you can start to get things done on Monday. All you can do is keep positive yourself and not worry to much, you can deal with it when that day comes, but you can spend the weekend resting.

  9. Will be sending positive energy your way! ♥ Do not let any doubts intrude upon your thoughts.


  10. Joane: I will light a candle and send you positive and calming energy. I too had a second call back for a mammogram, twice. Both times it was nothing but a bad MammO. Be of good cheer. I will hope for the best and leave it at that. The Olde Bagg

  11. Sending you positive energy and a big hug!! You are strong and have much support from blogland.


  12. praying for you to have peace this weekend and a good result. Found your from Fearless Friday.

  13. I am visiting from Incipient Wings, and just want to send you positive energy from across the ocean...be gentle with yourself this weekend x

  14. Hi Joane,
    I am sending prayers and love and hope that everything will be fine...I know how scared you are because I have gone through something similar...so I will pray and keep positive thoughts going your way.

  15. Oh dearest,
    I will definitely prayer for you. It always seems to happen that way, the dr.'s office tells you on Friday and then you have to worry all weekend until Monday. I hope all is well, no matter what happens, know that God can heal you, just have faith! I know God has sent you his angels to guide you and be with you through this difficult time.
    Bless you.

  16. May God the Father give you peace this weekend and until you can take care of this followup. May He speak to your heart and may you know He loves you.

  17. I'm back..lol. First I wanted to say how blessed I was to see you following along on the journey with me at my blog. ((hugs)). Second I wanted to share a few 'storms' my family and I have faced these past two years that I mentioned in my above post, I mean comment, lol. Blush blush..

    My mother and my son both received those phone calls. Actually their's were in face to face.

    You see, my mother was told she had two months to live.

    My son was told he had a brain tumor or brain antiserum.

    Both had to wait two months for MRI's. Yes, two months! I told my mother..'mom for crying out loud, by the time you get there and we believed what the Dr. has stated, you will be dead'.

    The next day after my mother found she was told she had two months to live, she went out dancing.

    Her friends couldn't believe it and stated they would be falling apart. My mother stated,' I'm not going to stay home and just die, I'm going to live my life'.

    Well those diagnosis's were in 2008, both in November, a week a part.

    It's 2010...when the MRI results came back, everything was normal!!

    I just goose bumps typing that out.

    As I think back to that time, I still remember thinking than...'I will not think the worse case scenerio, I will not think about the what if's and could be's'...I will think life, I will think healing, I will think the best....

    It was more a battle of the mind, but I chose to think life life life life!!

    I'm thinking life for ya girl..I'm SO glad Incipient Wings emailed me.

    Isn't that such a cool name she has..I told it reminds me of angels...Guardian angels all around us!!

    ((hugs)) Ok, I think I'm done another post here..oh my Joane, how I can ramble on girl!!! lol

  18. Dearest Joane ~ How awful to get that kind of call and then have to wait, and suffer with worry, for an appointment! I am sending happy vibes, good wishes and sincere prayers from Canada! xox

  19. BIG hugs to you - sending lots of positive energy your way. Please think good thoughts - we'll all be thinking of you. Theresa

  20. Hang in there kiddo!! I too will send you lots of light and calm. I just had my mamogram and other "inspections" and I too had to have a second test run because of some suspicious lumps. All is well now but that hanging in limbo is super tough! Stay in the moment as much as you can because you are ok right this very second. Also hold in your heart that there are LOTS of survivors, technology these days is pretty amazing! Try to keep feeling the love and the healing energy around you,
    In support and love and light,

  21. stopping by via Incipient Wings...thinking positive thoughts and sending prayers your way.
    HUGS ~victoria~